What does Certificate Verifiers Offers to Businesses?

Document counterfeiting is more common than people think, especially in the world of the digital age it is a common issue businesses have to deal with regularly.

However, It is no longer just limited to job search, fraudsters are now pretending to be a firm and business to play big fraud games with authentic businesses.

Recently, in Nigeria, a group of fraudsters was caught by the police as they defrauded nine well-known companies.

They were fortunately caught when Tenth Company got suspicious about their business and ran a process to verify their documents and background verification.

Had the first nine companies also been alert and got the documents verified, then perhaps this fraud would have been avoided.

It is not just about nine companies or one country, it is about the risk factor which can be avoided by adding just one simple process to the business structure.

Certificate Verifiers are here to help, it will ease the implications of the certification verification process in your business operations. By doing so, it will keep you and your businesses safe from fraudulent activity.

Many businesses from African countries especially Cameroon and Nigeria are using our services and we are committed to providing stronger services in the future as well.

Business Verification

Finding potential suppliers/customers/partners using an online directory is an easy task, but getting ensured that the business you choose is legit is not.

We, Certificate Verifiers, will help you identify and authenticate potential business partners to assure they are who they say they are.

Under our business verification service, we verify that a business is legally registered. We also verify their address, official name, and their scope of business, along with other official registration details.

Better advance due diligence on your suppliers/ contractors /customers/partners in Africa increases accountability and reduces fraud, wastage, and financial loss.

With our business validation services, we can give you the confidence to quickly and accurately validate business prospects, customers, and vendors by giving you critical validation data in an understandable format.

We at Certificate Verifiers offer business verification services in three different packages. i.e. Basic, standard, and pro. You can easily choose one from them as per your requirements and the details you want.

So don’t just wait and watch, protect your business with Certificate Verifiers and its business verification services.

Certificate Verification

Certificate Verifier is one of its kind platform that helps you by checking the authenticity of the uploaded document. Our platform can help businesses to verify the certificates or documents of their employees and job seekers.

Certificate Verifier is a modern certificate verification service website where you can upload the certificate after filling in some basic details and then we will verify it and you will receive an email from us with proper authentication details of the uploaded certificates.

In this way, you can check the authenticity of all types of documents, including but not limited to Identity Documents, Certificates of Authenticity, Certificates of Registration, Certificates From the Ministry of Art and Culture, Certificates From the Ministry of Finance, Certificates From UNESCO, Certificates From ICOM, Title Deeds, etc.

Since Certificate Verification Service  is free of cost and most of the important documents are already included in the Business Verification service, you can pick up a package and start worrying less.

Certificate Verifiers is here to make a positive difference in the way businesses operate. With us, you can focus on the core part of your business operations and strike better deals with peace of mind.