Document Attestation: How & Where To Get Your Certificates Attested

document attestation

We know document Authentication with many terms in distinct parts of the world. One such term is Document Attestation; it is commonly used outside the United States in place of Document Authentication. The procedure is identical and basically it is used to refer to a person or is usually used to, officially certify (attest) the signature of a person or an official who has signed the document.

What Is Documents Attestation?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, attestation is the official verification of something being true or authentic. Thus, attestation of a document is the act of checking the signature on a formal document and then also signing on the same to verify that those bound by its contents have properly signed it. We can consider attestation as a legal acknowledgment of the authenticity of the document and a verification that they followed proper procedures.

A person verifying the authenticity or validity of something or someone is an attester. These claims of truth are often made in writing to substantiate the statements. 

Which Documents Require Attestation?

It is important for clients based outside the United States to must have important documents, such as marriage and birth certificates, attested by the Secretary of State or relevant government officers at the time of issue. If you are not in a position to do so, ask your friend or family member to carry out the document attestation for you. This will greatly save you the time it takes to get your documents certified for use in a foreign country.

Often, attestation clauses are found in wills and trusts as well as other legal documents. However, they are also found in other fields and disciplines, such as medicine and healthcare. Some other documents that need to attest are University Diplomas and degrees, Power of Attorney’s, Articles of incorporation, Background checks, Partnership and Corporate Agreements, Board Resolutions, Appointment of Directors, and many more.

Process of Document Attestation

The process is similar to document authentication. People have to obtain such certificates or documents. Then they have to represent these certificates with proper supportive document (if any) along with the applicable fee in front of the Secretary of State or relevant government officers. The officer will verify the signature and details and then he/she will sign it and engrave his/her stamp on it.

In the current times, people and corporations opt for digital authentication services, where expert staff are familiar with the requirements and timelines of authenticating documents for use in countries around the world. 

The advice of these professionals can help you not only use the right documents for your needs but also can save your valuable time, money, and resources when you need to establish your overseas residence or enter into a foreign agreement with a corporation outside of United States.

How Certificate Verifiers May Help?

Certificate Verifier is a company that provides document authentication services to customers and corporations to ensure that certificate or document verification is performed correctly and in the correct order. 

Certificate Verifiers can help you to verify the authenticity of the certificate. It is a modern day certificate verification website where you can simply upload your certificate after providing some basic details, and then it will be verified and you will receive an email containing the appropriate authentication details of your certificate. Know more about our online certificate verification platform and supported documents at the company’s website.