Document Authentication: Complete Process in Detail

document authentication

What is Document Authentication?

Document authentication may refer to the process of embassy validation or chain certification for submission of documents in a foreign/international country. The process can be initiated by an individual or corporation when they are asked to present their documents and certificates to the government of a foreign country for legal purposes.

Before taking any action or legal proceeding, international governments shall first ensure that the documents being presented to them are authentic or genuine for legal purposes. And the documents must first be certified by the federal government in the country of issue in order to be considered valid documents for presentation to a foreign government.

Complete Process of Document Authentication

However, to get your documents certified by the federal government, those have to be first attested by the secretary of state in which they originated. You can obtain this certification by presenting your document to the Office of the Secretary of State in the authentication department or notary department. Be sure to get “Gold” or “Embossed Seal” and don’t forget to mention the country in which you will be submitting your documents.

Once you pass the state level certification, you can now submit your documents to the central Department’s certification office. This process usually takes about 4-6 business days if you submit the documents in person. Once this process is completed, your documents are ready for submission to the embassy of the country in which they are intended for final submission.

The process may also include a small amount of fee, probably at every level, depending on the country and states. Which can be paid through various payment modes.

How Certificate Verifiers May Help?

Certificate Verifiers is a company that provides document authentication services and handles all the above steps for clients and corporations to ensure that the certificate or document verification are done correctly and in the correct sequence. It is a secure and robust online certificate verification platform, where you can get your certificate verified with little effort. 

The company was founded with a very basic objective of revolutionizing the traditional method of certificate verification, which still takes time and requires a lot of effort. Certificate Verifier on the other hand is a modern day certificate verification website where you can simply upload your certificate after filling some basic details, and then it will be verified and you will receive an email containing the appropriate authentication details of your certificate.

The platform is not only helpful, but it also takes little time and no effort. Our online document verification platform can also work in a multi-directional manner as we have fully tailored it to the needs of institutions and companies that need to check multiple identity documents as part of their activities.For more details visit the company’s website.