Embassy Legalization: An Alternative Method to Authenticate a Document

When a document from one country is being used for a legal or business matter in another country, the receiving party will sometimes need to verify the authenticity of the document. The process basically involves verifying the authenticity of the signatures, seals and seals of the government officials that appeared on the document.

There are two common methods to authenticate a certificate: either visit government offices in person and verify your document or use an online certificate verification platform like Certificate Verifiers to get your certificate verified. However, there is one alternative method of too for authenticating a document.

Embassy Legalization

This alternative method is known as Embassy legalization, it is used for countries that choose not to become members of the Hague Convention. Countries who do not accept or recognize the Apostille come into this group.

Since Apostille is not accepted in these countries, your documents will have to go through the process of embassy legalization instead.

The highest level of government will certify all documents specific to these countries before being certified by the respective embassies in the country of origin.

Embassy Legalization Process

Document legalization process varies from one embassy to another. Normally, for embassy validation, such documents need to be notarized by a solicitor’s notary or public notary, as well as certification from the Secretary of State or State Department. 

Such documents that need to be validated will have to dictate whether authentication is required at the state level by the offices of the Secretary of State before submission to the State Department office of Authentication.

Once this part gets completed, the embassy in the country of origin must view the document. 

This type of process usually takes much more time and it can be very complicated. This is because each foreign country may have specific requirements for documentation, fees and procedures.

Talk to Professionals

As professionals know this process better, and they are used to it, we will suggest you that let the professionals do all the hard work on your behalf. With their experience, they can also give you the necessary professional advice regarding the steps you need to take to legitimize your documents.

Professional service providers know how to prepare, certify and submit documents to various embassies. Let the team of experts process your order with ease, instead of guessing how to legalise your documents.

Since they know more about the process, they can also speed up the legalization process. In this way, you will have both peace of mind and quick service. They can provide you with unparalleled specialist services that save you valuable time and money.

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