All Types Of Documents You Can Verify From Certificate Verifiers

different types of documents

Online certificate verification is a process to verify the authenticity of the certificate or document. There are many online platforms that provide such services, but they are specific for a country or a region or support only a few certificates. However, Certificate Verifier is one such platform, but it is unique because it supports more certificates and it has no limitation. Certificate Verifier is a secure and robust online document verification platform where you can get your certificate verified with very little effort.

We from time to time receive queries from people asking can I verify this certificate on your website? Or does your website support this document? We fairly answer all of your queries, but today we are here with a list of different types of documents which are supported on Certificate Verifiers.

What Types Of Documents Our Platform Supports?

Certificate Verifiers support many documents, we list a few popular ones of them below.

types of documents
  1. Identity Documents

An identity document is any document that can prove the identity of a person. If issued as a smaller, standard credit card size, we usually call it an identity card or passport card. It is also called a piece of identification or ID, or colloquial as papers. Some countries issue formal identity documents in the form of national identity cards, which may be mandatory or non-mandatory, while others may require identity verification using informal documents or regional identification. When such an identity document features a photograph of a person, it may be called a photo ID. Tease documents feature the bearer’s full name, age, birth date, address, an identification number, card number, gender, citizenship and more.

  1. Certificates of Registration

Certificates of registration are official documents that state that a person or company has provided all the necessary information for official or government records. Various Government bodies issue such certificates to state something unique or under lawful acts. Certificates from Air Pollution Control Officer, animal Controlling Body, motor vehicle competent, etc, authorities issue these types of certificates to allow something that comes under their department.

  1. Certificates of Authenticity

A certificate of authenticity is a seal of trust. It can be a seal or a small sticker on a proprietary computer program, T-shirt, jersey, or any other memorabilia or artwork, especially in the computer and sports world. Its acronym is COA, and it is usually a seal on paper certifying a specific artwork and made to show that the object is authentic. The Computer COA contains a license number that verifies that the program is genuine and is a legal copy. Similarly, art works or posters come with a certificate of authenticity signed and sealed by a reputable appraiser or auction house.

  1. Certificates From Ministry of Art and Culture

The Ministry of Arts and Culture provides the certificate to the eligible person or group under various schemes. The ministry organises various art and culture activities and competition to encourage the artists, workers and people from these fields. Certificate verifiers support most of such certificates and will inform you about the authenticity of the certificate.

  1. Certificates From Ministry of Finance

Similar to the Ministry of Art and Culture, there are many government authorities that provide some kind of certificate. These certificates are either for giving approval or giving relaxation or benefits to an individual, a group or a company. For example, the Ministry of Finance issues a certificate if there are no outstanding balances or returns on all tax accounts on all tax accounts registered for. They issued most of the certificates free of charge.

  1. Certificates From ICOM

In a recent event, one scam came into light in european countries where some websites and individuals pretend to be ICOM and claim to provide, for a fee, fake certificates of authenticity or allowing free import and export, particularly concerning the reputation of ICOM. they were also providing false collector cards as well. Certificate Verifiers offer services to verify the authenticity of your Certificate from ICOM. So don’t wait much and upload your certificate here.

  1. Certificates From UNESCO

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) organises various classes and competitions through online or offline mode for global students. To encourage students, kids, workers or groups for their effort/knowledge or any act, UNESCO provides certificates to them. Certificate verifiers offer a facility to verify authenticity of certificates from UNESCO.

  1. Title Deeds 

A title deed is described as a legal right of ownership of something, especially land or property. In other words, a document that shows that you have a right to something is known as a title deed. Generally people get confused between title deed and sale deed but a major difference between the two words is that a title is more of a concept, whereas a sale is always in a documentary form. Certificate Verifiers support verification of title deeds and you can easily check the authenticity of title deeds by simply uploading them here.

Above eight are very popular and important documents, but the list of different types of documents you can verify from Certificate Verifiers is not limited to just these eight. You can upload and verify other documents too, so don’t waste your time and simply upload your document with a few details and leave the rest to us. We will check the certificates and then we update you about its authenticity through mail. So, don’t wait and get your certificate verified today.