How Do I Know If My Documents Need Verification?

How do I know if my documents need Verification?

Document verification is a process of verifying the authenticity of a document. The process basically involves checking the validity of personal data, including name, age, date of birth, and address, as well as features such as stamps, fonts, watermarks, carrier materials, and more. However, details and features vary according to the type of document.

Verified documents basically add one extra level of trust to your document. Most of the officially issued documents, such as ID, bank statements, driver’s license, or other state/federal documents are usually being verified. Verified documents are more valuable and they will be accepted everywhere, even in foreign countries.

It is important to know if your documents need verification, or when your certificates or documents need verification. Basically, the answer depends on the planned activity or the document type. Some people keep all their documents verified and some people do it when needed. So, If you are planning 

When your documents need verification,

There are various activities that require proper online document verification. Thus if you are planning to do something from them, you need your certificates and documents verified. These activities are:

If you are going on a foreign trip

Travelling is an exciting and soul-stirring experience that takes us out of our comfort zones and brings us into a new perspective of the world. Other than packing, planning, and preparing for it, check if you have copies of your essential travel documents and those should be verified as well.

These documents are driver’s license, passport, travel visa, all identification documents, travel insurance plan details, travel itinerary details, tickets for events when traveling, and COVID-19 travel documents.

If you are moving to another country

When on a tourist visa, or for countries with a visa on arrival, most countries ask for proof of residence at the immigration counter. If you or your family are moving to another country even due to a job study or to settle there permanently, you will need to verify all your documents properly verified.

If you are taking admission to an education center

If you are a student and you are taking admitted to a college, school, university, or other education centers, you should verify your document first. It will save a lot of time, effort, and resources during the admission process.

It will also increase the chances of getting admission, as it will eliminate the need to verify all the documents again. Documents that need to be verified for admission are identity proofs, previous year mark sheet/degree, character certificate,  residence documents, etc.

If you are a Job Seeker

Getting a relevant job is very difficult these days, but it is more difficult these days to prove your work experience and credibility. Businesses check and verify all the documents and details very carefully because many parties are invested in the success of an enterprise, from managers, executives, and shareholders to employees and their families, and they can’t risk it all.

However, if your certificates and documents which include a copy of the Degree/Mark sheet from the Concerned Authority, Professional License/ Certificate, Pre- Employment documents, and Residence certificates are verified then it will add another layer of trust and will make the process a bit easier for you.

If you are buying/selling properties

When we are buying a property, we usually look at the location, value, and date of possession. Undoubtedly these are important parameters for short-listing, however, there are many more important things to check before finalizing a deal.

Hence, it is important for you to know about the documents that need to be checked and verified during the purchase which will help protect you from fraud. These documents are land records, sale deed, mother deed, approved planning, land use certificate, conversion certificate, encumbrance certificate, power of attorney, etc.

Similarly, when you are selling a property, you should check the identity of the interested buyer, criminal record, and bank details to ensure that you are not selling it to someone who can create problems for you or your neighbors in the near future.

In this case, you should check and verify documents such as identity certificates, criminal records database checks, residence confirmation, credit & reputational risk database checks, and also bank account details.

If you are purchasing a genuine product or artwork

Similarly, during online/offline sales and purchases of genuine items, verification of a certificate of authenticity (COA) is important. It protects you from fraud and you get the genuine product. A certificate of authenticity is proof of authenticity. It can be anything from a seal or a small sticker on a computer program, T-shirt, jersey, artwork, or any other memorable thing, stuff, or artwork, especially in the computer and sports world.

So if you are planning to do something from the above you need to have all your certificates verified. However, we would like to inform you that the list is not completed there are many more activities or situations where you will need well-verified documents. These activities or situations are: 

  • Corporations opening new branches or offices in other countries.
  • Individuals who need to present issued documents to government authorities in another country
  • People working in Banks, or for people during account opening.
  • Individual companies during any type of financial process.

However, it needs to be noted that there are three methods of document verification: manual document verification, online document verification, and embassy legalization. Embassy legalization is only required for countries that choose not to become members of the Hague Convention.

Countries that do not accept or recognize the Apostille come into this group. So, make sure which one will be best for you.

Keeping your online document verification is very important for giving you peace of mind. It adds a layer of trust to your details and data.

If you are looking for an easier way to verify your documents then visit certificate verifiers, it is an online platform to verify the authenticity of your document or certificates. So, don’t wander here and there, visit Certificate Verifiers today. 

How Long Does It Take to Get Documents Certified?

how long does it take to get documents verified
how long does it take to get documents verified

In the traditional way, you’ve had to rely on prompts to trust the new user or their document – on IDs, documents, certificates, device IPs, phone numbers or credit database look-ups. But fraudsters can also misuse these signs. This creates constant uncertainty, so you can’t focus on the person or stuff really, and instead start treating them with skepticism. But in today’s world let us see how long does it take to get documents certified.

Digital methods have replaced these traditional ways, and now users are required to just upload the soft copy of the document or certificates and then the online platform will inform the user about the authenticity of the certificate. This way also requires less time and effort as the person doesn’t have to visit one verifier to get documents certified or to check the authenticity of the document.

However, Online Certificate verification is a complex process and can be done with multiple levels of trust and checkups. The purpose of certification or document authentication is to certify the validity of a legal document, sometimes it also certifies the validity of the signature.

Certificate Verifiers

Certificate Verifiers is one such platform that helps you by checking the authenticity of the uploaded document. Whether you are a company officer or an individual, our platform can help everyone to get the certificates or documents verified.

We started Certificate Verifier with a very basic objective to bring a revolutionary change in the traditional method of certificate verification, Certificate Verifier is a modern day certificate verification website where you can upload your certificate after filling some basic details and then We will verify this and you will receive an email from us with the proper authentication details of your certificate.

Certificates That Can Be Verified on Certificate Verifiers

Certificate verifiers support all types of documents, including but not limited to Identity Documents, Certificates of Registration, Certificates of Authenticity, Certificates From the Ministry of Art and Culture, Certificates From the Ministry of Finance, Certificates From ICOM, Certificates From UNESCO, Title Deeds, etc.

Procedure to Verify Documents at Certificate Verifiers

process to verify documents

The process is straightforward and hassle free. You do not even need to create an account on Certificate Verifiers. Check the step-by-step process to verify your document/certificate in minimum time.

  1. Visit
  2. Find and click on “Upload Document” or scroll down to the “Upload Certificate” section.
  3. You will be asked basic details like name, country, mobile number, email, document id. Fill it carefully.
  4. Now click on “Choose File” and upload your document in PDF or any image format.
  5. Now, click on the “Submit” button and Request for verification.
  6. You will receive an email with a tracking ID.
  7. You can track the status by clicking on Tracking and submitting your Tracking ID.
  8. You will receive the verification details in the submitted email inbox.

Now coming back to the crucial question which is:

How Much Time Do Certificate Verifiers Take to Get Documents Certified?

The time to process documents varies depending on the type of documents and the country in which the documents are to be used (whether they require an apostille or authentication). 

Quoted deadlines are estimates and may be delayed based on several factors including: processing times at embassies and government departments, weather-related closings, mail or shipping delays, etc.

Additionally, there are some more factors that affect the time required to process the documents, such as quality and clarity of the uploaded document, extracted data types, working process of concerned department or private authority, and working days of the concerned department.

Thus, there are many things that affect the required time to get documents certified. However, Certificate Verifiers provide a tracking feature that will tell you what is the current status and how much time it takes. You can track the status by clicking on Tracking and submitting your Tracking ID received in the email.

As we said above, the process is complex and how much time is required to verify a document varies depending on many factors. However, Certificate Verifiers assures you that we will try our best to verify your document in as minimum time as possible.

Online Certificate Verification – How to Verify a Certificate Online?

online certificate verification
online certificate verification

Verified documents build trust in no time, and now in the digital era online mode of certificate verification process provides various advantages which include less time and effort required, faster verification, safe methods, no need to carry documents in physical way everywhere. These are also the powerful engines that make this globalized world of commerce possible.

The online Certificate Verification procedure is very useful to verify the details, documents, certificates and identity of a person. Business houses, institutions, banks, and the tourism industry use this service to detect and eliminate fraudulent activities from their system. Online certification services also play a huge role in the following activities.

  • Know-your-customer (KYC)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Age Verification
  • Identity Verification
  • User Onboarding

Traditional offline methods were slow and time-consuming. That’s why whether you are a student or a job seeker or a company or just an individual, you must have felt the need for a faster and hassle-free way to verify your documents and certificates. If yes then “Certificate Verifiers” is here for you.

Certificate Verifiers is a secure and robust online certificate verification system, where you can simply get your certificate verified with little effort. Today in this article we are providing a step-by-step guide to verify a certificate online using Certificate Verifiers.

Steps to Verify a Certificate Online at Certificate Verifiers

Certificate Verifiers kept the process very easy and hassle free. You don’t have to even create an account on their website. The step-by-step process to verify your document/ certificate is given below. 

  1. First of all, visit
  2. Now either click on “Upload Document” or scroll down to the Upload Certificate section.
  3. Here, fill Basic details like Name, Email, Document ID, Country, Mobile number.
  4. Now click on “Choose file” and upload your Document in PDF or any image format.
  5. Thereafter, click on the “Submit” button and Request for verification.
  6. You will receive an email with a tracking ID.
  7. Track Status by clicking on Tracking and submitting your Tracking ID.
  8. You will receive Verification details in your Inbox.

Now after knowing the straightforward process of certification verification you probably want to know what type of certificates that can be verified at Certificate verifiers, so here is the list:

Certificates That Are Supported at Certificate Verifiers

certificates that can be verified at certificate verifiers

Our verification system supports many documents, we list a few of them below.

  • Identity Documents
  • Certificates of Registration
  • Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Certificates From Ministry of Art and Culture
  • Certificate From Ministry of Finance
  • Certificates From ICOM
  • Certificates From Unesco
  • Title Deeds 
  • And Many more

Why Choose Certificate verifiers?

Established with a very basic aim of revolutionizing the traditional method of certificate verification, Certificate Verifier is a modern day certificate verification website where you can simply upload your certificate after filling some basic details and then we will verify it. And you will receive an email from us with the proper authentication details of your certificate.

  • Certificate Verification on the go
  • No login/registration Required
  • No limitation.
  • Supports most of the documents.
  • Can process documents in any format i.e. PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.
  • Hassle-free & time saving Process
  • No Charge for Verification
  • Live tracking service.

We have developed a 100% automated solution powered by intelligent software, keeping user privacy, security, and outright dependability in mind. Certificate Verifiers is flexible, easy to integrate, work in a multi-directional manner and tailored to meet the needs and requirements of individuals as well as business. It is perfectly fit for individuals and for institutions and business houses that need to check many identity documents at once as part of their activities.

Our platform is faster and more efficient, and takes less time to process and verify any document. So without wasting your valuable time get your Certificates and documents verified online from Certificate Verifiers today.

What Is Identity Verification and How Does It Work?

what is identity verification
what is identity verification

While Identity is the most essential & most used asset of a person, identity verification is the process to examine the identity of the person they claim matches their truth. ID verification measures whether a person is actually behind the identity he claims to be.

So, what Is identity verification? ID verification is an authentication process that matches a person’s identity to the data that proves it. There are a number of documents that can serve as providers of this objective truth including but not limited to birth certificates, social security cards, driving licenses, and others.

It has become an important part in most processes & procedures, both online & offline, in all types of situations, from bank account opening to electronically completing tax procedures.

It is also known as the KYC (know your customer) process in banking and in many finance related industries).

What is Online Identity Verification?

As much as we like to have faith in humanity, and this is very important, not everyone is honest. And in a world where we transact with faceless websites and apps on an almost daily basis, it is important to know who is legitimate and who is not, which document is real and which is not.

Online identity verification brings a digital revolution in the traditional methods of ID verification. With data breaches, account takeover attacks, and increasing demand for remote processes due to COVID-19 epidemic, people and businesses need to detect identity fraud and determine if someone is who they claim to be.

Online document verification services and methods such as biometric verification, facial recognition and digital ID document verification can help people, companies, governments and financial institutions to verify a person’s identity online.

It increased the speed of various processes and also helped people by eliminating the need to carry their important documents and certificates everywhere. There are various methods and systems for identity verification services.

The ID verification process can be done in different ways depending on the channel and the way the validation is performed.

Basic Concept and Different Methods of Online ID Verification

Basically, digital or online identity verification compares the presented data with the verified data set to verify if a person is who they say they are. So, any ID verification system/service at first requires the data or document to check its legitimacy.

Then the system compares the presented data with the verified data and if both matched they will pass a message that the document is authenticated and legitimate and if both didn’t match, the system will warn the user and also inform the relevant authorities.

There are many different methods of digital identity verification, all of which work in different ways. These methods include:

  • ID Document Verification: Checks that the ID (eg, driving license, passport, government ID) is valid.
  • Biometric Verification: Uses a selfie to establish that the person presenting the ID is the person whose image appears on the ID.
  • Liveness Detection: Detecting spoofing attacks, such as face masks, or photos of photos, determines whether or not the selfie is real.
  • Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA): Generates an “out of wallet” question based on the information in the applicant’s personal credit file.
  • One-time Passcode (OTP) Verification: Transmits a single-use passcode to the applicant via SMS or email during the verification process.
  • Trusted Identity Network: Leverage existing credentials of the applicant with another provider to verify their identity and reduce friction during the account opening and onboarding process.
  • Database methods: Leverage data from social media, offline databases, and other sources to verify information submitted by the applicant.

How ID Verification Works?

The goal is to capture, extract, and analyze ID data to authenticate government-issued identification documents. This helps to find out what is real and what is fake.

Different systems and platforms have different procedures, but here is the process of ID verification or KYC.

  1. The user who wants to register goes to the website, app or platform of the company, organization or institute.
  2. Accepts use of camera and microphone to verify identity.
  3. Users have to upload or show the ID document on both sides and it will be recognized and verified.
    • For KYC: The user will also have to upload a pic / shows his face smiling on camera along with holding documents. If necessary, a team of qualified agents analyse the Picture or video in a separate process.
  4. The identity has been verified and the person’s credentials, as well as the person’s identity documents and video recorded with the face and the validation of the email and telephone, serve as proof that the user is what he or she says she is. The user is then registered by the company, app or organization.

Uses and Applications That Require Identity Verification

This process plays a vital role and provides complete protection in the following cases and situations:

  1. Bank account opening, banking and any type of financial process or online sale and purchase.
  2. Making representations along with the purchase of products and services in insurance industries.
  3. Log-in process on web or apps, second-factor authentication, access to facilities and buildings, tourism check-in, customer and user registration & more.
  4. To renew or issue electronic certificates, to renew ID documents, identification procedures to create electronic government certificates or procedures related to medical applications and health or prescription drugs.
  5. Travelling abroad or starting a new job.

Regulations and Standards of Identity Verification

AML5 or 5AMLD (the fifth anti-money laundering directive) and eIDAS (electronic identity, authentication and trust services) are regulations that create and maintain standards and norms regarding the use and forms of online identity validation services.

AML5 aims to fight fraud identity forgery, money laundering & terrorist financing, while eIDAS controls all aspects regarding electronic signatures, trust services & electronic transactions online.

These European rules and regulations are strict and through, offering identity verification procedures that comply with them with guaranteed security and reliability support. They are references to international regulatory frameworks in all countries regarding procedures for remotely verifying identities.

What about Certificate Verifier?

Certificate Verifier is a secure and robust online certificate verification system, where you can get your certificate verified with ease.

Started with a very basic purpose of revolutionizing the traditional method of certificate verification, Certificate Verifier is a modern day certificate verification website where you can upload your certificate after simply filling in some basic details and then we will verify it and You will receive an email with the appropriate authentication details of your certificate.

Not just for an individual, our platform can work in a multi-directional manner as we fully tailored it to the needs of institutions and companies, who have to check numerous identity documents as part of their activities. So visit our website and verify your documents now!