How Do I Know If My Documents Need Verification?

Document verification is a process of verifying the authenticity of a document. The process basically involves checking the validity of personal data, including name, age, date of birth, and address, as well as features such as stamps, fonts, watermarks, carrier materials, and more. However, details and features vary according to the type of document.

Verified documents basically add one extra level of trust to your document. Most of the officially issued documents, such as ID, bank statements, driver’s license, or other state/federal documents are usually being verified. Verified documents are more valuable and they will be accepted everywhere, even in foreign countries.

It is important to know if your documents need verification, or when your certificates or documents need verification. Basically, the answer depends on the planned activity or the document type. Some people keep all their documents verified and some people do it when needed. So, If you are planning 

When your documents need verification,

There are various activities that require proper online document verification. Thus if you are planning to do something from them, you need your certificates and documents verified. These activities are:

If you are going on a foreign trip

Travelling is an exciting and soul-stirring experience that takes us out of our comfort zones and brings us into a new perspective of the world. Other than packing, planning, and preparing for it, check if you have copies of your essential travel documents and those should be verified as well.

These documents are driver’s license, passport, travel visa, all identification documents, travel insurance plan details, travel itinerary details, tickets for events when traveling, and COVID-19 travel documents.

If you are moving to another country

When on a tourist visa, or for countries with a visa on arrival, most countries ask for proof of residence at the immigration counter. If you or your family are moving to another country even due to a job study or to settle there permanently, you will need to verify all your documents properly verified.

If you are taking admission to an education center

If you are a student and you are taking admitted to a college, school, university, or other education centers, you should verify your document first. It will save a lot of time, effort, and resources during the admission process.

It will also increase the chances of getting admission, as it will eliminate the need to verify all the documents again. Documents that need to be verified for admission are identity proofs, previous year mark sheet/degree, character certificate,  residence documents, etc.

If you are a Job Seeker

Getting a relevant job is very difficult these days, but it is more difficult these days to prove your work experience and credibility. Businesses check and verify all the documents and details very carefully because many parties are invested in the success of an enterprise, from managers, executives, and shareholders to employees and their families, and they can’t risk it all.

However, if your certificates and documents which include a copy of the Degree/Mark sheet from the Concerned Authority, Professional License/ Certificate, Pre- Employment documents, and Residence certificates are verified then it will add another layer of trust and will make the process a bit easier for you.

If you are buying/selling properties

When we are buying a property, we usually look at the location, value, and date of possession. Undoubtedly these are important parameters for short-listing, however, there are many more important things to check before finalizing a deal.

Hence, it is important for you to know about the documents that need to be checked and verified during the purchase which will help protect you from fraud. These documents are land records, sale deed, mother deed, approved planning, land use certificate, conversion certificate, encumbrance certificate, power of attorney, etc.

Similarly, when you are selling a property, you should check the identity of the interested buyer, criminal record, and bank details to ensure that you are not selling it to someone who can create problems for you or your neighbors in the near future.

In this case, you should check and verify documents such as identity certificates, criminal records database checks, residence confirmation, credit & reputational risk database checks, and also bank account details.

If you are purchasing a genuine product or artwork

Similarly, during online/offline sales and purchases of genuine items, verification of a certificate of authenticity (COA) is important. It protects you from fraud and you get the genuine product. A certificate of authenticity is proof of authenticity. It can be anything from a seal or a small sticker on a computer program, T-shirt, jersey, artwork, or any other memorable thing, stuff, or artwork, especially in the computer and sports world.

So if you are planning to do something from the above you need to have all your certificates verified. However, we would like to inform you that the list is not completed there are many more activities or situations where you will need well-verified documents. These activities or situations are: 

  • Corporations opening new branches or offices in other countries.
  • Individuals who need to present issued documents to government authorities in another country
  • People working in Banks, or for people during account opening.
  • Individual companies during any type of financial process.

However, it needs to be noted that there are three methods of document verification: manual document verification, online document verification, and embassy legalization. Embassy legalization is only required for countries that choose not to become members of the Hague Convention.

Countries that do not accept or recognize the Apostille come into this group. So, make sure which one will be best for you.

Keeping your online document verification is very important for giving you peace of mind. It adds a layer of trust to your details and data.

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